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Alphabet Mascots Collection by Chud Tsankov

  1. Letter V with a Viper
  2. Letter N with a Number One
  3. Letter E with an Elephant
  4. Letter J with a Jaguar
  5. Letter G with a Ghost
  6. Letter R with Red Riding Hood
  7. Letter I with an Insect
  8. Letter U with Uncle Sam
  9. Letter D with a Dog
  10. Letter H with a Horse
  11. Letter C with a Chick
  12. Letter T with a Tractor
  13. Letter P with a Pumpkin
  14. Letter Y with a Yak
  15. Letter S with Santa
  16. Letter B with a Baby
  17. Letter F with a Frog
  18. Letter W with a Witch
  19. Letter a with an Alien
  20. Letter Z with a Zebra
  21. Letter O with an Octopus
  22. Letter L with a Leprechaun
  23. Letter X with a Dental X Ray
  24. Letter Q with a Queen Bee
  25. Letter M with a Magician
  26. Letter K with a Kid

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