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Farm Animals Collection by Chud Tsankov

  1. Smiling Piggy
  2. Goofy Sheep Sticking Its Tongue out and Looking Back
  3. Loud Rooster Crowing on a Wood Fence by a Corn Stalk
  4. Chubby Spotted Pink Pig Munching on Grass
  5. Chubby Dairy Cow Snacking on a Flower
  6. Brown Calf with Spots
  7. Scared Pink Pig with an Open Mouth
  8. Gray Goat
  9. Cow Farmer Waving and Driving a Red Tractor
  10. White and Brown Cow Eating a Daisy
  11. Happy Smiling Pink Pig with Spots
  12. Black Barnyard Sheep Eating Grass
  13. Grazing Sheep
  14. Short Brown Horse with a Long Neck
  15. Sitting Cow
  16. Brown Horse over a Sign
  17. Happy Brown Running Horse

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