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Occupations Collection by Chud Tsankov

  1. Happy Caucasian Professor Using a Pointer Stick
  2. Dog Biting a Catcher in the Butt
  3. Waving Caucasian Male Doctor with a First Aid Kit
  4. Caucasian Male Landscaper Pushing Seeds, a Rake and Shovel in a Wheelbarrow
  5. Caucasian Farmer Waving and Tilling a Field with a Tractor
  6. Senior Conductor Waving a Baton
  7. White Rapper Dude Singing
  8. Caucasian Cartoon Cake Baker Woman
  9. Young Man Using a Roller Brush to Paint a Canvas
  10. Caucasian Cartoon Bread Baker Man
  11. Caucasian Cartoon Dentist Man Holding an Extracted Tooth
  12. Bossy Male Senior Doctor or Veterinarian Wearing a Headlamp, Holding a Clipboard and Hollering
  13. Friendly Female Caucasian Nurse Holding up a Syringe
  14. Caucasian Cartoon Detective Man
  15. Manager or Professor in a Brown Suit and Red Tie, Gesturing with a Pointer Stick
  16. Little Pizza Boy Chef Displaying His Perfect Pepperoni Pizza Pie
  17. Male Caucasian Doctor or Scientist Holding Papers and Smiling, on a White Background
  18. Male Senior Caucasian Orchestra Conductor Waving His Baton Around Black Music Notes
  19. Stubbly Male Caucasian Mad Scientist Holding up a Green Potion in a Flask
  20. Grumpy Male Waiter in a White Uniform and Red Bow Tie, Carrying Wine and Glasses on a Tray While Serving in a Restaurant
  21. Caucasian Police Officer Man in a Blue Uniform, Pointing and Holding a Nightstick
  22. Male Caucasian Police Officer Running with a Gun
  23. Strict Caucasian Male Police Officer Shouting Through a Megaphone by a Cop Car
  24. Happy Caucasian Male Doctor Holding a Syringe and Waving
  25. Happy Caucasian Science Professor Discussing Mass Energy Equivalence Physics
  26. Waving Caucasian Male Doctor Holding a Ringing Cell Phone
  27. Caucasian Male Police Officer Shouting Through a Megaphone
  28. Friendly Blond Maid
  29. Caucasian Male Landscaper Pushing a Rake and Shovel in a Wheelbarrow
  30. Happy Caucasian Chef Presenting His Pizza Pie - 1
  31. Caucasian Farmer Tending to His Cattle
  32. Caucasian Cartoon Gas Attendant Man
  33. Messy Caucasian Cartoon Artist Painter with a Brush and Palette
  34. Male Senior Caucasian Professor Holding a Pointer
  35. Friendly Caucasian Male Chef Serving Food in a Sliver Platter
  36. Happy Caucasian Mechanic Man with a Tool Box and Wrench
  37. Friendly Caucasian Male Butler Serving Wine
  38. Friendly Caucasian Mail Man Holding a Letter
  39. Friendly Caucasian Delivery Man Using a Dolly to Move Boxes
  40. Male Caucasian Scientist Carrying a Flask
  41. Caucasian Man Dressed in a in Pink and Purple Tux, Hosting a Show and Talking into a Microphone
  42. Happy Red Haired Teacher in Glasses, Holding a Book and Using a Pointer Stick
  43. Proud Chef Holding up a Masterpiece Layered Cake
  44. Happy Caucasian Professor with a Bright Idea
  45. Chubby Farmer Man Chewing on Straw and Holding a Rake
  46. Handy Man with Tool Box 1
  47. Running Male Caucasian Doctor with a Syringe
  48. Friendly Farmer Waving and Driving a Red Tractor
  49. Senior Male Doctor Holding a Clipboard and Pointing
  50. Serving Waiter Carrying a Tray with Wine
  51. Toon Cop Pointing and Holding a Club
  52. Caucasian Cartoon Football Man
  53. Caucasian Cartoon Boxer Man
  54. Caucasian Cartoon Dog Veterinarian Man
  55. Caucasian Cartoon Saxophone Player Man
  56. Caucasian Cartoon Music Conductor Man
  57. Caucasian Cartoon Teacher Woman
  58. Caucasian Cartoon Doctor Man Carrying His Medical Bag
  59. Male Caucasian House Painter Holding a Pail and Paintbrush
  60. Caucasian Police Officer Holding a Stop Sign and Club
  61. Smiling and Waving Caucasian Male Doctor with a First Aid Kit and Head Lamp
  62. Male Tv Show Host Using a Microphone
  63. Friendly Businessman Holding a Pointer Stick
  64. Caucasian Chef Boy Carrying a Hot Dog, French Fries and Cola
  65. Friendly Caucasian Businessman Holding a Briefcase and Cell Phone
  66. Grumpy Bunny in a Caucasian Magician's Hat
  67. Happy Caucasian Farmer Man Carrying a Rake and Pail
  68. Friendly Caucasian Plumber Man Carrying a Wrench and Tool Box
  69. Friendly Caucasian Construction Worker Carrying a Wood Board

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