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Pencil Mascots Collection by Chud Tsankov

  1. Friendly Pencil Holding a Blank Piece of Paper and a Notebook
  2. Pencil Guy Holding a Blank Sign
  3. Happy Pencil Beside a Blank Board
  4. Pencil Guy Graduate Ringing a Bell
  5. Happy School Pencil Wearing a Number One Foam Glove
  6. Hyper Yellow Pencil Guy Waving
  7. Pencil Guy Holding an a Plus Report Card
  8. Pencil Guy Holding a Laptop
  9. Pencil Guy Businessman Carrying a Briefcase
  10. Pencil Guy Wearing a Number One Glove
  11. Pencil Guy Holding up a Sheet of Paper
  12. Pencil Guy Waving
  13. Pencil Guy Holding an ABC Paper

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