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Valentine Hearts Collection by Chud Tsankov

  1. Valentine Heart Character Holding a Rose and Candy
  2. Gentleman Heart Carrying Chocolates and a Rose
  3. Masked Heart Character Swinging on a Rope and Biting a Rose While Holding a Sword
  4. Romantic Gentleman Heart Holding a Single Rose and a Present
  5. Swooning Pink Lady Heart Wearing a Hat
  6. Amorous Pink Lady Heart Accepting Roses from a Gentleman Heart
  7. Heart Man in a Hat and Bow Tie Puckering His Lips and Holding Roses
  8. Sweet Male Heart Giving Roses to an Infatuated Female
  9. Sweet Male Red Heart Puckering His Lips and Holding out Pink Roses
  10. Sweet Red Heart Man Carrying Chocolates and a Rose on Valentines Day
  11. Infatuated Pink Female Heart with Her Tongue Hanging out
  12. Romantic Red Heart Character in a Bowtie and Hat, Holding a Pink Roses and Box of Valentine's Day Candy for His Date
  13. Happy Red Heart Man in a Hat, Holding Three Pink Roses

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